Our Salon Beds and Artist Posture Support

Plush + Oak beds are renowned for their focus on client ergonomics and boosting the client experience within a salon setting. After all, an amazing service experience is what retains clientele and grows salon success. Something less focussed on however, is Plush + Oak bed’s function in supporting artist health and the longevity of their careers.

Plush + Oak beds are used by many different types of service providers including aestheticians for skin services, brow artists, waxing artists, permanent make-up artists, body contouring artists and lash artists. All of these providers have one thing in common: they have clients who lay for between 1-3h during an appointment, and the artists usually sit during the majority of the service.

Prior to Plush + Oak ergonomic beds, artists had two options: shell out 3-6k on a full electric facial bed, or use a nimble massage bed. Massage beds were used by the majority of lash and brow artists imparticularly. There are a lot of issues with using a massage table for services where artists are sitting to do their services… it’s simply not what they were designed for. Massage tables usually have support braces at the front and back of the beds, which force artists to awkwardly straddle the tables to try and get close enough to their clients to see.


When an artists legs cannot fit under their worktable properly, and they cannot comfortably slide themselves beneath the table in a comfortable way, they instantly put their hips, pelvis, and lower back out of position to compensate for this. Sitting for hours a day in positions that are not natural to them will undoubtedly cause spinal tension in the artists. Hunching, bending, and opening the pelvis to try to get a good fit does have long term health effects on service providers.

The most common types of body deterioration over time is hunched backs, misaligned hips and pelvis strains, and lower back tension. This leads many artists to need to get weekly chiropractor treatments, massage, or acupuncture to battle the harm done on their bodies to try and protect their careers.

When we designed Plush + Oak beds there was 3 things that every model of bed we produce had to have (call them our company pillars).
1. Wide workstation. This is to ensure service supplies are close to stop artists from having twist and bend to access supplies from a trolley beside them. Twisting all day is extremely hard on the body.
2. Ergonomic support for clients. Just like artists, clients shouldn’t feel any strain on their bodies during their service. They are there to enjoy their treatment, not fidget around trying to alleviate pressure points.
3. Ample artist leg room. This is the key to artist health, easy client access, and long happy careers.

We have been thrilled to have multiple reviews over the years from artists who were ready to throw in the towel on their careers due to spinal and hip strain — and Plush + Oak beds saved their career and livelihood.

One of our favourite reviews was from Tamra in Airdrie, Alberta. Tamra was in and out of doctors visits with hip displacement, and at her lowest point, couldn’t stand upright or walk for over a week when long service days and her massage table finally took its toll. Tamra ordered our Charlie bed and had this to say “LOOOVE our new Charlie Bed and Pillow. I struggle with lower back and hip pain using a standard massage table as I cannot sit properly underneath it and this bed immediately eliminates the constant pain I was feeling. I love that I can fit snuggly under and adjust my clients easily where I need them to be to make sure I’m able to work effectively and not in pain during or after.”

Plush + Oak beds are the ultimate in enhancing client experience in the salon. They attract new clientele, and retain more clientele in order for you to grow your business. The proof of this is how many repeat orders we have had. It has been shocking to us to see how many customers have started with one bed purchases, and have gone on to expand their teams and place multi-bed orders 9-12 months later. This is something we take great pride in — our returning customer rate is 48%! Which means almost half of our customers have expanded their businesses. We are honoured to play a part in their success.

In conclusion, while our salon beds may enhance client comfort, and business growth — let’s not forget about the benefits to artists in having long and healthy careers. Prioritizing yourself and your comfort and posture is always worth it, and if you’re feeling any amount of discomfort or strain with your current bed set up, please do realize that damage to your body is happening and will compound over time. We would love to provide you with a set up that supports your body over time, and only adds to the success you have with your business.