Plush and Oak Dupe - The real deal.

Our designs are unique to us, and are protected by international design and industrial patents to protect the high quality of our products around the world. The ONLY place to buy authentic Plush + Oak beds is through our website. 
Plush and Oak Dupe - The real deal.
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news if you clicked on this link... there are no Plush + Oak dupes in the industry. Our designs are unique to us, and are protected by international design and industrial patents to protect the high quality of our products around the world. The ONLY place to buy authentic Plush + Oak beds is through our website. 

The number one google search term when it comes to Plush + Oak is "Plush + Oak Reviews" but the second search term highest ranked is "Plush and Oak Dupe" or "Plush and Oak Dupe Bed". Is this shocking to you? It was to us! However, this is exactly why before we launch a new product, we first protect it with patents so that we can lay claim to the high quality beautiful ergonomic salon furniture we create within the world of Plush + Oak. 

Above: Photos of our made-to-order shipments leaving for the week. We produce 25 beds weekly and ship immediately. 

If you have ever seen a salon bed that looked like ours on other websites (in Asia predominately), please do know that they steal a lot of our photos, and they are infringing on our patents and are doing so illegally. Not only do we care about protecting our designs, but more importantly we care about protecting the quality of materials that go into Plush + Oak beds. We have had one too many calls from customers crying and telling us they were fooled by an Asian website into thinking they produced Plush + Oak beds and somehow found a loophole to save them tons of cash, and now are stuck with beds that are falling apart, manufactured poorly, or losing their shape from foam breakdown. It's super heartbreaking for us, and for them that this happens at all. Our patents aren't just to protect our company, but in fact a lot of patent enforcement is so protect you, the customer. 

Luckily, we just partnered with an international patent protection agency to help assist us with take-downs of fake Plush + Oak beds, and litigate against them preying on customers who want authentic Plush + Oak beds through Asian websites who use our images and designs, and then send inferior product the customer cannot afford to send back. 

So let's set the record straight: 
  • Plush + Oak salon beds are made to order and are manufactured in-house by our artisan team of upholsterers (14 of them, to be exact) in Canada.
  • All of our goods and materials used in production are supplied by North American companies and are a AAA+ rating which means they are parallel with luxury furniture brands like Crate and Barrel, or Restoration Hardware. 
  • We are not a mass production company that uses machines for our construction. Each frame is assembled by hand, each woven upholstery strap is attached and tension tested by hand, all covers are cut and sewn by one of 3 seamstresses, each layer of foam (3 different densities in each bed) are laid by hand and then the cover is pulled, stretched and secured by our upholsterers. The final step is hand stuffing each of the channelled flutes with not one, but two types of foam to ensure proper filling density on a per channel basis so wrinkling or pulling doesn't happen with long term use. 
  • Our manufacturing team is the same team who upholstered our first ever Edda salon bed in 2020, and who has gone on to manufacture over 3000 beds over the last 3 years. They care deeply about each bed we make. 

    Why does this matter? 

    Quality of materials and construction matters a lot in the furniture world, and perhaps even more-so in the salon furniture world. Salon furniture goes through more daily use and wear and tear than any piece of furniture in your home does (minus your mattress which is hopefully used 8+ hours a night!). Even in comparison to your sofa, which on average is used 3-4h a night, your salon bed is used for 8 hours per day, and gets sprayed down between each client... talk about the need for long lasting materials! 

    But applying the comparison to home furniture, there are always options... on both price point, and on durability. Sure, Ikea has some great furniture, but we all know the couch isn't going to last a decade and maintain it's shape (hello, sagging, and lumping) and will need to be replaced within a couple of years. Whereas, if you spend more on quality construction of higher end brands, yes, you pay more upfront... but the piece lasts you years and years without needing to be babied. 

    Ultimately, we want all customers who purchase salon furniture to be investing in pieces that won't break down or wear at all for the first 3-5 years. That's our company motto, and we're sticking to it. We aren't here to make a quick buck off of our salon owner clientele. We are here to provide the highest quality salon furniture in the entire industry with unparalleled function, durability, and industry disrupting unique designs. 

    Patent Marking

    The following PLUSH AND OAK INC. products, or portions thereof, are protected by patents in the United States, Canada and elsewhere. This web page is provided to satisfy the virtual patent marking provisions of various jurisdictions including the virtual patent marking provisions of Section 16 of the America Invents Act. The following list of products may not be all inclusive, and other products not listed here may be protected by one or more patents in the United States and elsewhere. Additional patents may be pending in the United States or elsewhere.

    All PLUSH AND OAK INC. products are designed and created by Courtney Buhler and Jordan Driessen.


    USA no. D997,653
    Canada No.: 202304
    AUS No.: 202115852
    Mexico No.: MX/F/2021/002851
    EU No.: 008701700
    UK No.: 6163897

    Enforcing Intellectual Property Violation and Patent Infringements

    Plush + Oak is dedicated to upholding the integrity of our designs, and own exclusive rights to the manufacturing, material selection, distribution, sale, of each of our patented designs. We vigorously protect and take action against any infringing products. 

    Plush + Oak holds all rights to patented designs, and holds the authority to remove and destroy all infringing furniture items from any salon who chooses to buy infringing product.
    Plush + Oak holds all rights and authority to litigate against any sale, resale, or manufacturing, or purchase of furniture items that infringe on our patented designs. 

    Plush + Oak has been successful in every case against patent infringement since the inception of our company. All have been settled outside of court through means not limited to: monetary settlement compensation by the infringer, destruction and removal of infringing products from salons, removal of any infringing product photos and videos, public acknowledgement/statement on social media/web by infringers. 


    Original design and intellectual property innovation have been part of Plush + Oak's success since Courtney Buhler and Jordan Driessen, first pioneered ergonomic salon furniture in 2020 with their first Edda bed design/invention. Plush + Oak continues to invest in developing and protecting innovative and quality products that balance between realms functionality, and architecture. 

    “Jordan and I have created a new type of salon furniture that hadn't existed before in the marketplace to fill a need in the market – all with a focus on design and quality. We are committed to defending our intellectual property and preserving our creativity for upholding value to our customers and partners,” said Courtney Buhler. “With support from our global partners, we will continue to survey the global marketplace to ensure Plush + Oak's intellectual property is protected.”