The Edda Accessory Guide: Which is right for you?

Plush + Oak salon beds are renowned for their superior design, offering artists and clients alike a blend of comfort and functionality. However, adding accessories to your salon bed can elevate the experience further, catering to individual preferences and enhancing the efficiency of your services. Let's delve into some key accessories offered by Plush + Oak and explore their benefits.

1. Plush Pillow

The Plush Pillow is a must-have accessory for clients seeking extended comfort during their salon experience. While our salon beds feature ergonomic anti-gravity curves for optimal body support, the headrest area may require additional cushioning, as it is designed firmer to allow artists to place service supplies beside the client's heads to avoid twisting and reaching from a cart beside the bed. Our low-profile memory foam pillow is specifically designed for Edda to cradle the head and neck, alleviating a single point of client head contact, and ensuring hours of relaxation. However, it's essential to note that for shorter clients, the added height of the pillow might tilt their chin forward, which could be addressed by using a bolster pillow in combination.

Pros: Provides exceptional comfort and support, alleviating pressure points during extended appointments of 60+ minutes. 

Cons: May not be suitable for extremely short clients without additional support.


2. Edda Bolster Pillow

The Edda Bolster Pillow offers versatility in client positioning, catering to various body types and service requirements. While not the most commonly used accessory, it proves invaluable for artists who prioritize precise head placement, particularly in services like PMU, lashes, and brows. With clients of every size using Plush + Oak beds, achieving consistent head positioning can be challenging. The Edda Bolster acts as a "booster seat," allowing artists to adjust clients' positioning as needed by lifting and bringing them closer to the headrest. This ensures optimal comfort and alignment during treatments.

Pros: Enables precise client positioning, accommodating different body types and service needs. Alleviates any "tilt" issues of client heads so they can easily lay with their heads level. 

Cons: Not essential for every client or artist, considered more of a "good to have" accessory for shorter clientele.


3. Protective Covers

Protective covers are essential for maintaining the pristine condition of your Plush + Oak Edda bed, guarding against spills, stains, and general wear and tear. We offer two options: the Headrest Protection Wrap and the Full Bed Cover, each serving specific purposes based on your preferences and requirements.

  • Headrest Protection Wrap: Designed to seamlessly blend with your bed's aesthetics, the Headrest Protection Wrap shields the headrest area from artist spills, such as lash adhesive or brow tint. Its inconspicuous design ensures minimal disruption to the bed's overall beauty.

  • Full Bed Cover: Ideal for comprehensive protection, the Full Bed Cover envelops the entire headrest area and body of the bed, safeguarding against muddy boots and other potential sources of damage. While it may detract slightly from the bed's aesthetic appeal, it streamlines cleaning and ensures compliance with health board regulations, particularly for fabric beds.

Accessorizing your Plush + Oak Edda bed not only enhances comfort and functionality but also reflects your commitment to providing exceptional salon experiences. Whether you opt for the plush pillow for added client comfort, the Edda bolster for precise positioning, or protective covers for maintenance and compliance, each accessory contributes to a seamless and professional environment. Explore our range of accessories to tailor your salon bed to your unique preferences and elevate your services to new heights of excellence.