Salon Feature: KLA Beauty Suites x Plush + Oak

Courtney Buhler sits down with Yaya from KLA Beauty Suites to chat about her venture, her experience with Plush + Oak, and plans for the future!

Courtney: Well, why don't we start with who you are and a little about yourself!

Yaya: I’m Yaya, mom of a beautiful 5-year-old and co-owner of KLA Beauty Suites. My love for beauty goes back as far as I can remember especially when I was in high school. however, my journey is quite recent. One of my first jobs after high school was a receptionist job at an Aveda salon and I just remember loving being there because of the experience but life went on, years passed and I was actually in property management right before I met my boyfriend and now business partner, Qu Nguyen. I loved the industry and Qu suggested I learn how to lash and I the time I though he was a little crazy because I thought my days in the beauty industry were far gone. But, I gave lashing a shot. I quit my property management job and began helping during KLA Beauty Certification courses and I began to connect with these beautiful individuals and the rest is history. I’ve met so many wonderful women that have gone through our licensing and certification courses that have changed their life completely and their happy and they have become financially independent and that’s all been possible because of my partner and co-owner- Qu Nguyen.
 Qu Nguyen, co-owner of KLA Beauty Suites and Founder of KLA Beauty Academy who’s been in the beauty industry since 2012. We can say his passion wasn't always lashes. He ran several businesses that led him to the beauty industry. After helping his parents at their cosmetology school, he wanted to pursue something else that could aid in the beauty industry. He wanted to improve the lashing education that was being provided at the time. His ambition became the ignition to give light to Kalon Lash Artistry who is also known as KLA Beauty Academy. There is where he combined his natural teaching skills and his big heart to help students get licensed in the state of Texas and is now owner to KLA Beauty Suites who will be home to his students and others.
Courtney: When did you get the vision (and what is the vision) for KLA beauty suites? 
 We gave life to this beautiful oasis with our students from KLA Beauty Academy in mind. 
 It was the middle of winter during one of our licensing programs where we overheard some of our students having a conversation amongst the another asking one another where they’d work from after graduation.
 Their uncertainty inspired and motivated us to find a solution to build a beautiful place they could call home. This is the moment we decided to we would commit to building KLA Beauty Suites. 
 That’s where the blueprint of our lash studio went from a 2D sketch to a breathtaking studio that’s now open for licensed artists. See, our ultimate mission was to bring luxury and comfort to Texas for our students and others, but we wanted to offer freedom and independence where every to every artist.
Where are you located? 
We are nestled in Arlington, TX 
Courtney: Tell us about your design process for the salon. How did Plush + Oak beds fit into that vision and what beds did you order? 
Our design was an inspiration of both delicacy with a little twist of sultry. We wanted to capture two visions
Every woman deserves to experience elegance and intertwining both visions allowed us to combine 2 styles we were confident would compliment each other quite well. As fellow lash artists, we had to think about everything we would have wanted if we swapped roles with our clients. We wanted both the client and the artist to have an elevated experience,. There was intention behind every detail. It was non-negotiable to shop for any other bed that wasn’t from plush + oak. The bed is a statement piece on its own. The beds are beautifully crafted, and being from Texas, you have to go big or go home.
We had to go big. All six stations are beautifully furnished with prestige finish outs that provide every artist and every client with luxury, bliss and comfort.
Courtney: What have you thought of the beds so far and what has the feedback been?
We’re still on cloud 9. The moment we saw these arrive, we have loved them and so have the clients. We shall let the clients answer this one-
 “My naps have not been this good in a long time” 
Courtney: What is your vision for the future of KLA beauty suites?
 The vision is to not just offer a place to lease.
We just want to be the middleman between someone that’s currently and constantly bettering themselves and their current situation for their future and the least we can do, is offer a nice place to work out of.