Plush Pillow

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The perfect pillow for the perfect salon bed! All new Plush Pillow is specifically designed to work with Plush + Oak ergonomic beds to ensure client's head position is at the right angle -- for both the client, and the artist! It is the slimmest lash pillow on the market.

Memory foam insert provides a cradle for the neck and head, while the vegan leather covering makes for easy sanitation between clientele. This is truly the only pillow you'll ever need. 

The Plush Pillows are made to order and ship in 2-4 weeks. 

Select from 7 premium vegan leather shades


Plush + Oak beds fit through all standard doorways.
Length: 75”  
Width: 31” 
Leg Clearance: 23-27” (depending on leg height)
Work Surface Height: 27-31” tall (depending on leg height)
Bed Weighs: 110lbs
Weight Capacity: 575lbs 


The leg height you should choose for your bed, is based on your height. 

The most universal leg height chosen is 4". If you are between 5'2"-5'10" tall, or if your bed will be used by multiple service providers select 4" legs. 

How to choose leg height : 

  • If you're under 5'2'' - 2'' legs
  • If you're 5'2''-5'10'' - 4'' legs
  • If you're over 5'11'' - 6'' legs
  • Designed and patented by: Courtney Buhler and Jordan Driessen

  • Frame: Double wide wood panelling with aluminum reinforcement and patented Plush + Oak ergonomic curves. 

  • Suspension: High Durability Webbing for long term heavy usage. Layers of increasing density foam in the base offer the perfect balance of softness and support.

  • Cushion: Memory foam wrapped around a supportive foam core. Layered foams adorn Edda across the entire body. Hand stuffed foamed memory foam flutes.

  • Upholstery Material: 250,000 double rub rating. Grade: high traffic commercial use vinyl (vegan leather). Bleach cleanable. Flame Retardant Rated. Rated for: salons, hospitals, restaurants, marine vehicles. 

  • Care: Spray with disinfectant and immediately dry with a dry cloth ensuring all crevices are free of moisture. Wash with mild soap and water and thoroughly dry at the end of each day to avoid chemical build up. 

Plush + Oak Beds are made to order by our in-house production team of master upholsterers. The lead time for salon beds are:

Standard: 6-8 weeks.
Rush Order: 3-4 weeks (additional charge)

We ship across North America and Australia. Use our shipping tool to get a real-time quote for shipping to your area. Beds are freight shipped to your location, and you can choose from:

Standard Freight: Exterior Door Delivery
White Glove Delivery: Delivered inside your space, and unpacked (additional charge, please email us directly to quote this). 

Beds arrive fully assembled, and the only thing required is to screw the legs into the pre-marked corners of the bed with a Robinson drill bit or screwdriver. 

For more commonly asked questions visit our FAQ.

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Plush Pillow Plush Pillow Plush Pillow

Plush Pillow

Starting at $336.00

This item will ship between July 11, 2024 and July 18, 2024. This item will ship between June 20, 2024 and June 20, 2024. (+$217 USD per bed) Learn more about our quality guarantee.

Starting at $
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This item will ship between July 11, 2024 and July 18, 2024. This item will ship between June 20, 2024 and June 20, 2024. (+$217 USD per bed) Learn more about our quality guarantee.


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