Lash Artist Leg Room

Lash artist posture and position is at the heart of plush + oak.

When posture is correct, long days become not only manageable, but enjoyable. A variety of leg heights ensure the table height is perfect for each artist.

Ergonomic Design for Client Comfort

Laying flat for extended periods as a client is less than ideal.

Plush + Oak lash beds alleviate pressure points on the body and increase blood circulation. Your clients will look forward to their lash naps. Tested on clients ranging from 5’ – 6’ ft tall.

Wide Work station

Get your clients in the right position, every time.

Our flat workstation space allows your clients’ heads to rest comfortably at the edge of the bed to ensure easy access to each lash.

Made locally, to the highest standards

Choose from 18 vegan leather options, 2 stitching patterns and more for your dream Plush + Oak bed.

Proudly manufactured in Canada, with plush memory foam and kiln dried wooden frames.


We are proud to be a North American company. Everything within Plush + Oak beds -- from the lumber to the nails, are local suppliers. Every Plush + Oak bed is assembled by hand by our team to ensure the highest quality.


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