1. We have a 99.1% customer satisfaction rate.

We strive to hit the mark every single time and while we are *almost* there, we want customers to know that if for whatever reason you aren’t in love with your beds, we will work to make it right! Email us with any concerns - your feedback is invaluable to us.

2. Our materials are the highest grade available.

Everything within our beds is the highest standard possible. From the wood selected for durability, to the gold standard foam within, to the highest commercial use vinyl which holds a 1.5 million double rub durability rating. The highest available for commercial use.

3. All Plush + Oak beds are overseen directly by company owners.

They are produced in one location and locally overseen by our founders to ensure the highest quality. We work with a team of 5 world class upholsterers and one seamstress. Our design is patented in Canada, USA, Australia, Mexico, UK, Europe, and Africa as we plan to expand globally in the coming years. 

4. We insure your shipment free of charge.

These beds travel a long way so Plush + Oak is happy to insure our items free of charge to you. If your beds arrive and there is any damage to the shipping box, take photos immediately before unpacking as we can hold the shipping company responsible for any damage to the bed and the repairs/replacement needed.

5. We warranty our beds.

If there are any manufacturing defects in your beds within the first year (colour staining, stitching pulling, or frame issues), we are happy to send a furniture medic to repair the issue free of charge. Please email us with photos and your order number. We do a quality inspection before each bed leaves our warehouse.

6. Our beds are consistent.

All Plush + Oak bed frames are made through a CNC process which means the wood is laser cut to our exact specifications ensuring consistency in the curvature. Internal webbing is laid in a specific patented structure to ensure softness and give within the beds, and foam is laid in a series of channelled flutes individually stuffed for maximum comfort. 

7. Our beds are made with all domestic materials and manufactured locally.

We support local and work to partner with local luxury supply companies for everything within Plush + Oak beds. From the foam, to the webbing and wood as well as our manufacturing team. While mass producing overseas or importing materials would increase our margins, it doesn’t fit with the vision we have for Plush + Oak artisan quality. 

8. The beds soften with time.

Like any new piece of furniture, they will be more stiff upon first arrival. The beds relax and soften within the first month of use and settle into their full softness over the first 2-5 weeks depending on how many clients you have each day.

9. They should be used with a lash pillow.

All clients heads should be supported with a pillow as laying flat will cause strain on client's necks and shoulders. Plush + Oak recently launched our low profile pillow to work with all Plush + Oak beds and is designed based on original lash pillow designs by Sugarlash PRO and shaved down to work with the ergonomics of Plush + Oak curvature.

10. We assist with bed resale.

Whether you’re moving locations, downsizing or want a different colour bed and want to sell your current one(s) — we are always able to help you with the resell of your Plush + Oak beds! 


We are a small, family owned business.

Although Plush + Oak looks large, it is run by one couple who oversees bed production and product development, and one customer service agent. We keep our team small in order to reduce overhead costs and not have to bring the price of the beds up for the customers. Please know that we try to promptly respond to every inquiry but may require 24-78 hours to respond to your inquiry. We value your business and promise to you!

While we aim for perfection, we understand that with a handmade product we may rarely miss the mark as each bed is made to order by our artisan team. If you don't absolutely love your bed please contact us so we can find a solution with you. Whether it is re-selling it locally with you, or adding accessories to maximize comfort. We are committed to ensuring your experience is a good one. 


Thank you.

To all of the business owners who have supported this endeavour we want to say thank you. We are beyond blessed to have made Plush + Oak beds for over 1400 businesses across North America thus far. We consider it a privilege to play a part in elevating your salons and ultimately — your success. 

From your small (and mighty) Plush + Oak founders, 

Courtney and Jordan