Are Plush + Oak beds good for Pregnant Clients?

Plush + Oak beds for Pregnant Clientele

In the realm of personal care and wellness, the comfort and safety of each client are paramount, a truth that resonates deeply with the ethos of any establishment worth its salt. One of the main google searches for our company is a great one "Are Plush + Oak beds good for pregnant clients?" This blog will answer all the details, but in short, yes, the Plush + Oak Edda bed and other ergonomic salon beds designed by Plush + Oak designed are the perfect fit for any expectant client! 

For those expecting a child, the comfort of an appointment is important, but more important is their positioning during each service. The challenge of providing services to pregnant clients lies not just in the service itself but in navigating the limitations their condition demands. When it comes to salon beds, the Plush + Oak Edda salon bed stands as a testament to thoughtful design, but especially those who are pregnant. 

Pregnant clients often face discomfort, if not increased risk, when lying flat on their backs. As their pregnancies progress (after 20 weeks of pregnancy and onwards), the weight of the growing uterus exerts pressure on the inferior vena cava, a major vein carrying blood from the lower body to the heart. This pressure can decrease blood flow back to the heart and subsequently to the placenta and baby, potentially causing dizziness, shortness of breath, or even a drop in blood pressure for the mother. This is why artists and service providers have traditionally juggled with pillows for their salon beds, crafting makeshift solutions to prop up their clients' backs and hips, trying to mimic a safe, semi-reclined position. Despite these well-intentioned efforts, the results are often less than ideal, leading to frequent adjustments and, at times, compromised service quality.

This is where the ergonomically crafted Plush + Oak Edda salon bed changes the game. With its innovative design that allows both the legs and back to be raised, it creates a supportive, semi-reclined position that respects the unique needs of pregnant women. By lifting the legs, it eases the pressure on the tailbone and nerve clusters, a common complaint among expectant mothers. Raising the back not only helps prevent the aforementioned risks associated with lying flat but also ensures the heart is elevated above the belly, fostering optimal circulation for both mother and child.

Again, the Plush + Oak comfort trifecta comes into play with pregnant clients. 
+Elevated back slightly inclined
+Knees raised alleviating pressure points on the tailbone and lower back nerves
+Headrest flat to ensure proper client access. 

The best salon bed for lash artists, brow artists, skin artists, waxing artists, and estheticians. 

The adaptability of the Plush + Oak Edda Ergonomic salon bed does not merely pay homage to comfort; it is a nod to safety, ensuring that pregnant clients can receive salon services without a shadow of worry or having to flip side to side to avoid direct pressure on the tailbone. Our ergonomic salon beds stand alone in the industry, not just for their ability to adjust to the needs of pregnant women, but for our dedication to an experience that does not compromise on service or safety. Also keeping in mind the artists who work on each client and need ideal positioning for each and every client who walks through their doors in order to perform ideal services. 
As the world of wellness continually seeks to be more inclusive and considerate, the Plush + Oak Edda bed emerges as a paragon of what it means to truly cater to all clients. It recognizes that a pregnant client harbors two hearts, and both deserve the utmost care. In the serene environment of a salon, where relaxation should be a given, this bed ensures that the only thing a pregnant woman needs to focus on is the joy of being pampered, cradled by a thoughtfully designed ergonomic salon bed that understands and protects.