Unlimited Furniture Delivery Rates for North America

Unlimited Furniture Delivery. 
One set price. 

Wondering about shipping prices when ordering your Plush + Oak beds? It's a fair question! The world of furniture freight delivery can be a daunting one. Palettes, trucks, and transporting luxury items all across North America isn't any small feat. 

The good news? We offer unlimited furniture delivery for one price, per Province/State all across North America.  

What does this mean? It means that whether you're ordering 1 bed, 10 beds, or any stools or accessories... as long as they are checked out together in one transaction, the shipping fee is one flat rate. 

While most companies charge per bed, or item purchased -- you can feel free to load up your shopping cart with whatever you'd like and know that your shipping price won't change when you shop Plush + Oak. This translates to major savings when purchasing multiple beds or single bed orders with pillows, protective covers, or stools. 

We also cover all border fees (for crossing the Canada/USA border), delivery fees, and full insurance on all shipments for our customers and you will never incur any additional cost associated with your shipment. 

Curious about our Unlimited Furniture Rate for your area? Find all rates below. 

 United States Unlimited Delivery Fee (USD)
California $329
Florida $419
Georgia $429
New York/New Jersey $407
North/South Carolina $407
Oregon $329
Texas $407
Washington $329
Alabama $429
Mississippi $429
Louisiana $429
Arkansas $429
Arizona $429
New Mexico $429
Colorado $329
Hawaii $999
Illinois $409
Indiana $423
Kansas $423
Missouri $423
Kentucky $423
Kansas $423
Kentucky $423
Tennessee $423
Virginia/West Virginia $423
Ohio $423
Massachusetts $423
New Hampshire $423
Connecticut $423
Rhode Island $423
Maine $423
Montana $399
Idaho $429
Nevada $429
Ohio $407
Oklahoma $427
Pennsylvania $429
Wisconsin $429
Michigan $429
Minnesota $429
Utah $429
Vermont $429
Wyoming $429
North/South Dakota $429
Nebraska $429
Iowa $429
All other states $428
Alberta $99
British Columbia $149
Manitoba $99
Nova Scotia $329
Newfoundland $329
PEI $329
Ontario $149
Quebec $149

So go ahead and shop with confidence. Maximum savings on your order happens when placing the most items in a single shipment to take advantage of our one flat rate per order Unlimited Furniture Delivery rate. 

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