Learn: The Plush + Oak Boucle Material Range

Title: Introducing PerformaBoucle: The Game-Changer in Salon Furniture

Are you on the hunt for salon furniture that combines style, comfort, and functionality? Look no further, because Plush + Oak is thrilled to introduce our latest addition to the material family: PerformaBoucle. In this blog post, we'll delve into the exciting world of boucle material and why PerformaBoucle stands out from the crowd, catering to the demands of modern salons and beauty professionals.

PerformaBoucle: Setting the Standard

PerformaBoucle is our first venture into the world of fabric upholstery. It's a game-changer in the salon industry, offering something unique. While it is a bit more high maintenance to purchase as it needs a Cover to ensure sanitation can meet health board standards, it is a trendy, truly wow-factor statement. If you require salon beds that are easier to clean without a cover, you'll love our Cavaletti Vegan Leather and the innovative new Duralinen which looks like a fabric, but it in fact a highly durable Performance Vinyl. 

Boucle: The Hottest Trend in Furniture

Boucle has taken the furniture world by storm. There are so many interior design articles touting Boucle as the go-to material for 2024 such as this article in LuxeDeco and Real Simple Its distinctive textured surface and inviting appearance have made it the go-to choice for those looking to create trendy and cozy spaces. However, the challenge with boucle material has always been its suitability for commercial use, particularly in salons where cleanliness and hygiene are paramount. We've got solutions for you! read below on our approach for incorporating Boucle into your brow, lash, and PMU beauty bed. 

The PerformaBoucle Difference

At Plush + Oak, we have taken a different approach to boucle material with PerformaBoucle:

1. Exceptional Durability

PerformaBoucle boasts an impressive 195,000 double rub abrasion rating, making it highly durable and ideal for commercial use. Say goodbye to worries about wear and tear – this material is built to last.

2. Cleanability and Stain Resistance

Thanks to our innovative Endurepel Shield treatment, PerformaBoucle is not only durable but also easy to clean. It is stain-resistant and water-resistant, and even denim dye can be cleaned off effortlessly with gentle soap and water. This means that your PerformaBoucle boucle lash bed, boucle brow bed, boucle beauty bed, or boucle salon bed will always look pristine.

3. Full Bed Cover Requirement 

Perhaps the one draw back to choosing Boucle as your upholstery material is that because it is porous and cannot be wiped down, it does need an additional add-on. To ensure PerformaBoucle meets the stringent cleaning and sanitation standards required for salon services like PMU and microblading, we recommend using a Full Bed Cover. This cover, which includes the headrest, body, and foot portions of the bed, can be easily sanitized between clients. Its transparent design ensures that the beautiful boucle texture shines through, maintaining the aesthetics of your salon.

4. Luxurious Comfort

One of the standout features of PerformaBoucle is its plush and soft feel. Unlike our other materials which give a luxury firm feel, boucle has more "give," making it the softest and most inviting material to upholster in. Your clients will appreciate the added comfort during their salon visits as it's a plushy-sink type feel. 

5. Six Beautiful Shade Options

Create a Welcoming Salon Space

Boucle material not only offers practical benefits but also helps create an inviting and cozy atmosphere in your salon. Its trendy appearance allows salons to welcome clients into a space that feels like home opposed to a business. It's the perfect choice for those looking to elevate their salon's ambiance to be on trend with 2024 interior design.

Our PerformaBoucle can be applied on any furniture model available such as the Edda Cloud, or Charlie Beds and any additional accessories as well. We invite you to try PerformaBoucle yourself by ordering complimentary shade swatches to see in person for yourself. 

In conclusion, PerformaBoucle by Plush + Oak is the answer to the growing demand for boucle salon furniture that meets industry standards for cleanliness and durability. With its exceptional features, PerformaBoucle is set to revolutionize the way salons approach their interior design, providing both style and functionality. Elevate your salon's image and create a trendy, inviting space with PerformaBoucle – the future of salon furniture.