Our Sustainability Commitment: Quality over Quantity


We've all heard the term "fast fashion" and are familiar with it's harmful effects on the environment and planet.  Fast furniture is a term that isn't as widely used or known - but is perhaps just as damaging. These days, it seems quality - perhaps especially in furniture, has taken a backseat to quickly made cheap amazon products, or asian imports.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), has stated that in North America - we threw out over 12 million tons of furniture in 2018 (up from 2.2 million in 1960) and the problem has only gotten worse as time goes on. 80% of thrown out furniture ends up in landfills. 

We are firmly against the fast furniture industry. While our commitment is first and foremost to the salon owner who wants a quality product for their business, we understand that by producing high quality furniture we also help our planet. 


Why Do Salons Need High Quality Furniture? 

Salons are one of the highest traffic retail spaces in the service industry, second only to restaurants that are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Salons that are open full days almost never have empty furniture with clients constantly in and out of each of piece. Think about how much more traffic salon furniture sees than say, your sofa at home that you sit on for 3-4 hours in the evening or a dining chair you use for a maximum of 2 hours a day. Salon furniture gets 4-5x the wear compared to home furniture, and with that said, needs to be structurally sound at every level.

The Hidden Costs of Fast Furniture:

The fast furniture industry is built upon the premis that customers will purchase, use it for a year or two, and then repurchase. Skipping the expensive price tag may seem like a deal upfront, but over 10 years -- purchasing an item 5x is likely going to cost just as much as purchasing a higher quality item once. The only difference? 4 broken down items are in the landfill. 

The Plush + Oak Difference: Invest in Quality and Sustainability:

Plush + Oak believes in constructing top quality furniture off the get go. With each piece hand-made, tested, and upholstered by artisan craftsman - attention to detail goes into our items like no other salon furniture on the market. This allows artists to use it day in and day out for years without having to replace it. Mother Earth would be proud. 

Top-Notch Materials and Craftsmanship:

Each Plush + Oak bed is crafted with the utmost attention to detail, using the finest materials available. Our expert craftsmen utilize top-quality framing, webbing, and suspension systems to ensure your bed is structurally sound and built to last. We use top industrial-grade commercial foam to provide optimal comfort and support, while our material coverings are sourced from the most durable fabrics designed to withstand even the heaviest traffic settings.

Longevity and Value:

By investing in a Plush + Oak bed, you're making a commitment to quality that will last for years to come. Our beds and furniture are built in North America, and constructed with materials that are rated and tested for high traffic commercial environments. Perhaps not to be understated, our designs are timeless and elegant and will serve salons through changing trends in interior design.