Salon Feature: The Loft by Natalie Sams

The Loft Salon is a multi-location salon that has grown to great success under the vision and leadership of Natalie Sams. With two distinct different vibes for each location… and different colour Plush + Oak beds in each, we took the opportunity to chat with Natalie about her success, vision, and success secrets when building out a successful salon! The loft uses their Edda beds for skin, brows, lashes and more — read our interview below!

Courtney: Can you tell me a bit more about your journey within the lash industry? Where did you start and where are you now?

Natalie: I began my Esthetic career in 2002 with a traditional full service salon and day spa.  I was offered a lead position to open a new location and establish lash extensions as a service in 2004.  In 2007 I was offered a management position for a boutique style salon and spa for 5 years and then consulting for a luxury brand for 2 years.  In 2015 I founded The Loft with the intention of becoming a specialized treatment space offering brow, lash, and skincare services.  During this time I had learned about SugarLash Pro.  The online education platform was accessible and educational, highlighting advanced lash techniques and safety practices.  I decided to work exclusively with Sugarlash supplies given we shared a commitment to quality, integrity, and education. 

Courtney: How important has the aesthetic of your business been to you from the beginning?

Natalie: The aesthetic and feel of my business has always been a priority to me and something I have enjoyed fine-tuning and building on over the years.  Maya Angelou said it best: “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” I love to create a memorable experience within a beautiful space, it’s important our guests feel cared for and all details around their service experience should be considered. 

Courtney: What services do you offer at the loft?

Natalie: Initially The Loft built a reputation around lash lifts, extensions, brow design and tints.  As the business started to evolve we began to build on esthetics and added a range of luxury and medical skincare services. Today we are recognized as a self-care and wellness destination with contrast therapy, (cold plunge and sauna) offerings with an e-commerce platform, featuring ritualistic wellness products.

Courtney: What made you make the decision to order plush + oak beds?

Natalie: Plush + Oak is a one of a kind treatment table that is truly beautiful, comfortable, and efficient. The aesthetic and functionality serves the brow + lash artist, the esthetician, and the client, it’s a win for everyone. I view our distributors as partners in my business. Plush + Oak is in alignment with The Loft’s values, and that’s something I look for when making these important investments and decisions.

Courtney: We always say the beds are great for skin therapists, lash artists, and brow artists - and you happen to do all 3! Can you speak to how they work for each service?

Natalie: The beds work seamlessly for every service. The Loft offers a wide range of services so I’m intently focused on streamlining the mechanics of the work space to optimize efficiency, everything flows easily with Plush + Oak. There’s no need for sheets, pillows, or props. The bed and a blanket is all you need, they’re easy to maintain and sanitize so we can minimize the turnover time in-between our guests.

Courtney: How have they impacted your business?

Natalie: I’m always looking for ways to level up The Loft, and the Plush + Oak beds were our most favorite level up last year. The functionality and aesthetic are unmatched, and our artists, estheticians, and clients absolutely love them.

Courtney: You have two different setups. Can you explain the thought process between the two vibes and how the different beds in each space lend to the mood change within the spaces?

Natalie: Our original Brewer’s Hill location is in an historic garment factory building with wood floors and exposed brick. The ash gray bed perfectly complemented the industrial style. Federal Hill is our new light, bright, airy location. The tan tobacco fits beautifully with the neutral tones in the space. 

Courtney: What are your goals for the future of the loft?

Natalie: In 2022 I was intentional about building out the strategic pillars of the business. This year my team and I will focus on nurturing all the initiatives we launched in 2022, like e-commerce, private events and SaunaFit, our contrast therapy studio.

Courtney: What advice would you give to other salon entrepreneurs wanting to grow to your level?

Natalie: Be clear on your vision and values, align yourself with what brings you joy and happiness.  Early on I journaled my vision and values for the business that served as the foundation for all of my decisions moving forward. Mentorship has also been key for me. Surround yourself with people who have achieved success in business and can be a sounding board for you. Ask questions, listen, observe, read books and be open.  Trust yourself and your journey even when it gets tough. 

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