Plush + Oak

Bed Cover

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What is the lead time for Edda beds?

Do you offer any custom colors?

Are Plush + Oak beds adjustable?

How do I select my leg height?

Do you offer payment plans?

What services can be performed on Plush + Oak beds?

Are Plush + Oak beds good for pregnant women?

Are Plush + Oak beds good for all client heights?

Are Plush + Oak beds easy to get in and out of for elderly/plus-sized clients?

What is the weight limit?

How are North American made Plush + Oak beds different than imported beds from Asia?

Are your designs patented?

Will my bed fit through my doorway?

Is there assembly needs once my bed arrives?

How do I clean and care for my bed?

Does the shipping fee all inclusive?

Is my package insured?

What is the shipping experience like?

What is the delivery/set up experience like?

Do accessories arrive with my bed order?

Do you offer any volume discounts?

What if my bed arrives damaged?

What is your warranty and quality guarantee?

What is your cancellation/return policy?